Saturday, April 06, 2002

A nice rationalization for plans b,c,d, ad infinitum when searching from Marylaine Block.

"Why is it worth identifying our mental maps and thinking about them? To remind ourselves when we get bogged down in a question, that we can reorient ourselves to a different map and a different strategy for finding answers."

Also check out her Neatnews and her Rules for Information.
You better not call me a user. That would make you a mis-user. And that means you are an abuser. Loser. This is a cool article about how words are misshapen into nasty words of art that ultimately come around to bite the geek butts who coined them. I love the connection of "user" in techno-speak with user" in drug-speak. Well done. I need to keep track of this guy.
Yes, e-books are alive and well in Virginia. 1600 titles. Downloaded KJV of Ecclesiastes for my Palm m100 and hope to read it next week at school. Seems dolorous enough for a the end of school.