Friday, February 20, 2009

Bibliography Software: Endnote vs. Zotero » The Backward Glance

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    • Lincoln Mullen

      This is what I’ve done to make sure that my Zotero library is backed up: In the settings, I moved the library into the directory where I store all my research files. If I ever need a backup of the library, I can just ZIP the directory and put the archive somewhere safe. (Actually, now that I’m on a Mac, Time Machine backs it up automatically every hour.)

      If you wanted to back up a specific set of references in Zotero, could you just highlight them all and export them as an RDF file?

      If the next version of Zotero syncs to the cloud, that will definitely take care of any backup worries.

      I hope that’s helpful. And I hope your dissertation is coming along well.

      • How to ensure that your valuable research is not lost. Export to rdf, zip, store offsite/cloud and elsewhere onsite. - post by tellio

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