Monday, June 13, 2005

An Index to Creationist Claims

An Index to Creationist Claims

A rather … compulsive, but welcome approach to the creationist ideas in the marketplace these days along with responses to them.  This would be an ideal approach as a wiki in the classroom where the claims are separate pages with a wiki and students have to approach them in writing, challenging them with their own writing and thinking.  I might even use this myself in a freshman comp context.   Plus, it’s nice to see the responses to the more ridiculous arguments, for example:

Claim CA006:

Evolution promotes eugenics.


DeWitt, David A. 2002. The dark side of evolution.


  1. Eugenics is based on genetic principles that are independent of evolution. It is just as compatible with creationism, and in fact at least one young-earth creationist (William J. Tinkle) advocated eugenics and selective human breeding (Numbers 1992, 222-223).

  2. Many eugenics arguments, such as the expected effect of selective sterilization and the results of interracial mating, are based on bad biology. Better biology education, including the teaching of evolution, can only counter the assumptions on which eugenics is based.


Wilkins, John. 2000. Evolutionists against eugenics; Post of the month: November 2000.


  1. Numbers, Ronald L. 1992. The Creationists. New York: Knopf.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

War: Realities and Myths - by Chris Hedges

War: Realities and Myths - by Chris Hedges

"Force," Simon Weil wrote, "is as pitiless to the man who possess it, or thinks he does, as it is to his victim. The second it crushes; the first it intoxicates."

O, my God!  Please read Chris Hedges on war.  Please.  I know this sounds like a hysterical fit, but I reading it right now and for the first time am feeling the horror of this permanent war.  I can feel it and it makes me sick. 

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Last week I had the rare opportunity to see 'behind the scenes' at Disney World in Florida. They understand the importance of attention, but they have a very different approach to it. It is the job of management to pay attention to the individuals who work for them, and to remove obstacles that prevent them from paying attention to individual customers. Decisions on what to do and what to pay attention to are governed by a simple set of ordered priorities: safety first, courtesy second, the show third, and efficiency fourth. So if someone if behaving recklessly on a ride, safety first, stop the show. And if a child is unhappy, pull out all the stops to cheer them up, even if that cuts into profits. These rules are invariable, and no employee can ever be criticized for following them.


Privacy and peace of mind and heart, all relative in our world today, but when we have almost none in our ordinary lives we become—-less than humane.  Pollard comments in his usual, efficient, ordered way. 

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