Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Enterprise of One: How New Entrepreneurs Are Taking Advantage of the Great Reset

    • In his book, The Great Reset, Richard Florida calls periods like the one currently facing the United States “Great Resets.”
    • We all know the stories of mass unemployment and hardships suffered by American citizens during the Great Depression. But what often becomes lost in these stories is that a reset plays out as a process and not as much as an event. It represents a shift in values, economic tastes and preferences, business structures, and industries. In fact, it is a fundamental change in our culture as a whole.
    • The great resets first refocus people.
    • Much like turning soil, these resets provide fertile ground for new ideas and new ways of doing things.
    • cumulative cleansing
    • opportunity
    • a person’s professional identity is more important than ever. Individual skills, expertise, reputation and authority have become the personal currencies of our economy.
    • The opportunities provided by the transformation to an online business landscape, as well as the elimination of many barriers to entry and transaction costs, have left individual strengths, passions and expertise as the only distinguishing factors remaining in an individual’s or business’ success. Who you are as a person, and your expertise and passions, are more important than ever. In fact, they drive your own personal enterprise.
    • Today, everyone is an Enterprise of One.
    • the story of a new side of entrepreneurism.

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Monday, December 27, 2010