Wednesday, June 13, 2001

What to put on a website intended for anyone interested in high school English? Ha, ha, ha. I know that doesn't have an audience. I'll just have to build an audience. There are a few audiences for this locally: my classes, "homebound" seniors, other students (not mine) who want a different take on their class. There are potential audiences outside my classes: new or pre-service (meaning they don't have job yet) teachers, students outside my school who wish to see how other classes approach English, teachers looking for new ideas to steal (I mean this in the best possible sense), non-English speaking students from wherever, homeschoolled students of all ages, and miscellaneous. I guess that means that it is worth doing.

My plan is to make a website that is fairly conventional in terms of curriculum (what's to be read and done)--Senior English "mild". After I have done that I want to work on Senior English "wild" for those who like it spicier. And that gets me to content. Next post.

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