Monday, May 16, 2005


David Baldwin Night Photography

Hossein Derakhshan of the Iranian (via Canada?) blog Hoder speaks with Chris Lydon in his new pod/broadcast (broadpodcast?) effort Open Source . He draws three useful metaphors for weblogs:

  • Windows (culture, information)--allows us a look into and a look out from those who come to the weblog,
  • Bridges (society, activism)--cross gender, political, and social lines with weblogs, and
  • Cafes (politics)--"a discursive arena that is home to citizen debate, deliberation, agreement and action." Public Sphere (Jurgen Habermas)
    Equal power for everyone to question, express, and introduce
So where do you stand in your blog? What are the consequences (or in critical terms the extensions) to teaching and learning from each of these metaphors? Are some metaphors better that others? Some better from a civic point of view and some better from an informational standpoint? Many more questions here than I have good or even feeble answers for.

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