Sunday, May 22, 2005

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Yahoo! Groups : minciu_sodas_en Messages : Message 5334 of 5335

The domestic scene is not worth commenting on except for morbid
humour. A ten-minute discourse with the people in the street - urban
shopping centres, on bus or plane journeys, rural market places, in
the farmer fields, with tribal people in Pakistan's marginal areas -
will bring across one common perception: politics only affects the
five percent or so people who dabble in it directly in whatever
capacity. For the rest it is irrelevant since no one represents the
people or even tries to connect with them on issues that influence
their lives.

A former Pakistani military officer writing for  The News International, Islamabad, Pakistan, 22 May 2005, cracks a question that has been in my mind of late: how has Bush managed to pull the wool over so many eyes?  All tyrants need is for good men and women to say nothing.  It doesn’t matter why they say nothing, it only matters that they do. 


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