Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Secrets of the A-List Bloggers: Lots of short entries

Secrets of the A-List Bloggers: Lots of short entries

On that particular day, the top five bloggers created an average of 30 entries, with each entry being under 150 words. This reminds me of something Phillip Greenspun, another A-list blogger, had said about why he liked blogs:

It allows me to experiments with the three paragraph form

Considering the size of the average entry from this, it seems very clear that an entry should be brief.

However, going beyond that is the number of entries that come in on a day. Looking at this, the average Top 5 A-list blogger wrote an average of almost 30 entries. Think about it for a second or two. 30 entries! It's a huge number for a single day.


Yes, it really is extraordinary how much some folks can churn out in their blogs, but then again look at Stephen King, Charles Dickens, or the like.  Prolix in extremis. I can but wish for more from myself, but now teaching is once again consuming me.  But teaching is good, n’est ce pas?

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