Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Scientist Premium- Entering a dark age of innovation - Technology

Entering a dark age of innovation - Technology

It may seem like we are living in a technological nirvana, but the rate of technological innovation has been falling for 100 years, a new study reveals… according to a new analysis we are fast approaching a new dark age.

So… which is it Moore’s Law or the Dark Ages.  Competing paradigms duke it out?  Odds on favorite?  I’m going with the new guy cuz I like the underdog.  The article says we average seven innovations per billion people per year.  Are we bumping up against patent office logic here where we get someone who just assumes that nothing more will be invented?  I think that both of these paradigms are probably grossly wrong in many ways and subtly right in others.  I especially love the assumption that innovation is a quantifiable and that it is a predictable quantifiable.  Chaotically speaking, both of those hypotheses are unacceptable.

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