Saturday, July 16, 2005

Students Say High Schools Let Them Down - New York Times

Students Say High Schools Let Them Down - New York Times

Hmmmm….not hard enough for them, is it?  Easily resolved then.  I think students know something is wrong, but they are grabbing the wrong end of the stick.  Perhaps that is a bit cryptic, but there is plenty of “blame” to go around if you want to play that game.  I would rather point out that the system is broken and no amount of tinkering with it is going to make it better.  You can’t “prepare” people unless you’re a cannibal.  Schools are not humane and students know that.  I need to see the questions that were asked and the sample of students before I can say more.  I read the NYT regularly for the first time in my life last year as part of a freebie program at my university.  I really wasn’t that impressed except for some notable exceptions on the editorial page.  In fact I thought the reason Judith Miller was arrested was because of her horrific writing, not protecting “sources”. 

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