Sunday, September 18, 2005

A New Blogging Tool from FactoryCity--Flock

FactoryCity :  “This design was fundamentally weak because it relied on an existing solution grafted onto an entirely different problem. Once I accepted the ambiguity of the situation—exacerbated by the numerous solutions available for blogging—I realized that what we needed was something that didn’t encourage the management of your blog, but rather the act of composing and creating.”

Designing a brand new tool to post to your weblog is an exercise in the imagination.  Just as I am trying to create a community of practice with my weblog, LitTeach that is only a dreamed image, so too are these folks working on a new folksomonic tool.  I surely do wish that I could do a beta test of this new Firefox extension posting tool.  I have requested this, but I am doing a 30 minute major presentation on campus and would love to demonstrate posting with this tool.  So… I cast another wish in a bottle to the Internet gods to grant. 

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