Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tellio's InterWeb Notes 07/13/2008

Why are public schools so bad at hiring good teachers? - By Ray Fisman - Slate Magazine - Annotatedtags: no_tagIs the teacher who helps raise test scores the same as the teacher who helps our students learn in the long run? In other words does the test measure what is good to learn? Is there a relationship between what we expect them to learn and what they will use as they become adults and citizens? - post by tellioWhat economists have found is that only one thing tells us how much a teacher will boost his students' test scores next year: the amount he raised test scores in previous years. A good teacher this year will very likely be a good teacher next year.ISTE Classroom Observation Tooltags: no_tagNice use of adobe air. Self tool. - post by tellio (continue reading &aquo;)

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