Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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              "Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone tech experts present New Year’s tech resolutions

1. First things first: time to get a smartphone

2. Get to know Android.

3. If you already know Android, upgrade to Android 2.3.

4. Get into the tablet game.

5. Come June, Hold 3-D in the palm of your hand with the first handheld 3-D gaming system, Nintendo 3DS

6. Get out of your phone and back into your life with Windows Phone 7.

7. Take your home videos like a pro with Go Pro camera hero HD.

8. A resolution for the techie: Build your own 3-D Imax theatre at home."


          Maybe you can add a few of your own:  augmented reality apps on your smartphone, phone blogging, Moodle 2.0 tutorials, figure out streaming from your video camera, and create digital media on a regular basis for work or family. 

Article highlighted and highlights extracted using Diigo.

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