Saturday, March 30, 2019

Deadly skin-eating fungal disease wipes out 90 amphibian species in 50 years

Reading this, I worry about my spring peepers. If they grew quiet, ever, well, canary in the coal mine doesn't even approach what it would mean to me. The death of entire species of amphibians would be akin to pulling the keystone from the eco-arch. Gives new meaning to collapse. #smallstories


Study reveals extent of chytrid fungus and how devastating it has been for frog, toad and salamander species worldwide

A deadly disease that wiped out global populations of amphibians led to the decline of 500 species in the past 50 years, including 90 extinctions, scientists say.

A global research effort, led by the Australian National University, has for the first time quantified the worldwide impact of chytridiomycosis, or chytrid fungus, a fungal disease that eats away at the skin of amphibians.

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