Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daddy, Where's Your Phone? - O'Reilly Radar

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    • "But I plead guilty to Kamla's charge: I think about the web as experienced on a PC, and then about mobile as an add on. The tipping point has come; that notion has to flip: if we're trying to get ahead of the curve, we need to think first about the phone, and then think about the PC browser experience as the add-on."
      Because I work in a computer lab classroom (I am indeed a lucky dude to have such a teaching assistant) I do not tend to notice this until I see a student texting in the back of the classroom. For him the computer keyboard within arm's reach is nowhere near as compelling as the one in his hand. I feel like I am standing on stone in the middle of the creek as the rain pelts down and it has just occurred to me that I can't stay where I am for long. Swim, rat, swim!

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