Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Using Diigo to Improve Blog Workflow

This is a demonstration of the power of diigo as a research and info gathering system. All of what you see below is a nearly automatic result of using diigo to bookmark, annotate, and highlight web content. I use diigo to find content, to highlight, to annotate, and to post via integrated blog tools included in diigo. I now have an edit of my previous post which is now less raw commentary on Jeffrey Young's excelent chronicle article with some links and slideshow added. My next posts will pull out a few relevant and interesting items and then elaborate a bit on them.
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    • Singularity University
      • How far are we going to allow computers to advise us? Perhaps they would make better learning brokers or at least be better in bringing the multiplicity of the net and aggregat it into a "program of study".
    • Interdisciplinary, Intercultural and International:
    • How would thinking machines reshape campus life?

      • This is the meat of the article. I want to know how this singularity university affects me. Will I be out of a job? Will it make my job easier, faster, better? Where will I need to go to accomodate? Do I need to check out of higher ed and move into another form of ed? Worldwide effects?

    • "I'm one or two orders of magnitude more productive today because of the global knowledge system the Internet has enabled."
      • I would have to agree with this. Google as second brain (some seem to think that it is their only brain) is a metaphor I use with my students in class all the time. I can only imagine the connectivity online search represents to get tighter and more profound at the same time just as it already has.
    • "Perhaps we'll soon have machines recording everything we say, see, and hear, allowing us to retrieve experiences we now lose to forgetfulness."
      • Reminds me of Kevin Kelly's website, The Quantified Self--Good info is inevitably customized to small "t" truths that make your life meaningful.
    • Computerized research assistants
      • What kind of topology is being suggested here? Would these research assistants be experts on top or on tap? As it exists now humans are still at the hub of any system, but perhaps we need to move to a heliocentric system where the research bots are at the center and we orbit them. Personally, I prefer a jungle ecology system, a learning society of mind like MInsky writes about.
      • They already exist--google alerts for example. What we need are researchbots--oops they already exist, too.
    • "The whole fabric..."
      • Interesting metaphor, our strength derives from the interlocking thread elements.
    • "Let's face it, the human brain isn't getting any zippier."
      • What a great motto or signature or bumper sticker! I certainly wish I could tag this comment.
    • "These new computer teachers will have more patience than any human lecturer, and they will be able to offer every student individual attention— which sure beats a 500-person lecture course."
      • All hail the Comptutor! This frees up teachers to do.....? Creative work. Designing even wiser and better comptutors?
    • "Virtual professors probably won't ask for tenure. And Mr. Goertzel sees them as key to expanding educational opportunities, by greatly reducing the price of a high-quality education."
    • "For example, if the technology falls into the wrong hands, it could aid terrorists or repressive dictators."
      • I could see an educational panopticon with the ultimate evil high school counselor sitting like a giant hypnotoad in the center of it all directing us toward the greater good.

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