Thursday, November 13, 2008

Harper's Index

Harpers180.gifHarper's IndexHarpers Magazine 11/5/2008Estimated value of U.S. economic growth lost due to the global credit crisis : $2,000,000,000,000 (see page 35)Portion of U.S. subprime mortgage buyers since 2003 who might have qualified for a prime mortgage : 3/5Number of times that speakers at the Republican National Convention said the word "economy" : 31Number of times they referred to President Bush by name : 1Minimum number of reporters who traveled to Wasilla, Alaska, in the two weeks following Sarah Palin's selection as VP : 90Estimated number of votes that Oprah Winfrey's endorsement swung to Barack Obama's primary campaign : 1,015,559Amount that corporate donors to both conventions have spent lobbying Congress since 2005 : $1,316,151,129Minimum amount the U.S. government has paid contractors in the Middle East since 2003 : $8,200,000,000Total value of federal small-business contracts obtained by Blackwater between 2005 and 2007 : $110,000,000Percentage of former terrorist groups worldwide that stopped operating because of military force used against them : 7Percentage that stopped because they had achieved their stated goals : 10Percentage of Afghans who say they would support a coalition government that included the Taliban : 54Chances that an Israeli Arab says he or she would rather live in Israel than anywhere else : 3 in 4Average number of religions practiced in each world nation : 32Estimated number in Papua New Guinea, which has the most : 648Percentage of U.S. doctors who think God has the power to cure a fatally injured patient : 20Chance that a U.S. conservative today believes church leaders should be involved in politics : 1 in 2Chances in 2004 : 7 in 10Percentage of Americans in 2006 who were "not at all" confident that President Bush had won reelection "fair and square" : 32Minimum number of Brazilians running for political office this year under the name "Obama" : 5Date on which the U.S. must leave its only South American military installation, by order of Ecuador, its host : 11/12/09Date on which Playgirl magazine will become an online-only publication : 11/18/08Amount that Paris Hilton's parents have donated to John McCain's campaign : $4,600Amount the co-founder of the gay-dating Web site Manhunt has : $2,300Number of registered users on, a site for people who "want to explore the new infidelity" : 2,540,000Number of scenes of or references to sex between a married couple shown during an average week of NBC programming : 1Number showing or referencing adultery or sex with minors, respectively : 1, 1Chances that a U.S. woman who gives birth is unmarried at the time : 2 in 5Minimum number of children in the United States who have at least one parent in the country illegally : 5,100,000Average number of new federal crimes that Congress creates each year : 56Chance that a 411 call in the United States is handled by a federal prisoner : 1 in 136Number of marijuana plants found under cultivation inside Miami's Mall of the Americas in August : 360Average number of hours per week that an American and a Chinese person, respectively, spend shopping : 4, 10Number of the 77 applications to protest during the Beijing Olympics this summer that were denied : 1Number that were withdrawn by the petitioners or suspended for incorrect paperwork : 76Number of South Koreans pardoned by the country's president on August 15 : 341,864Total votes cast online last fall to decide which Thanksgiving turkeys President Bush should pardon : 27,726Margin by which U.S. dog owners favor John McCain over Barack Obama : 43-34Margin by which Americans would rather watch football with Obama than with McCain : 50-47Number of free tattoos of Obama's face given out so far by a body artist in Moore, Okla. : 300
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