Sunday, June 28, 2009

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  • Tales of Strange Chickens--taken from the PasturePoultry Group on Yahoo
  • (I doubt they were Cornish Crosses.
    • A few years ago several chickens fell out of a truck hauling them to
      slaughter. They ended up living in the median of I-5 near an overpass.
      Since there was room to pull over, people started to put out food and water
      for them. They lived there happily for months. I don't know if they were
      finally picked up or got squished; the highway department wanted them gone
      because locals would slow down to look for them and they were a traffic
      hazard. And the highway department guys are locals, too, so I am guessing
      they caught them. I never saw them squished, and they were big birds when
      they grew up - Cornish crosses.

      Alice Royle

      Union Point Custom Feeds

      Brownsville, OR

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