Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Franken’s Victory Bolsters Democratic Grip in Senate -

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    • After nearly eight months of waiting, almost 20,000 pages of legal briefs, and millions of dollars in election costs,
      • What is wrong with this picture? Top down party politics from Chuck Shumer and the DNC made it impossible for Kentucky Democrats to field a decent candidate so I am forced to conclude that the two party system is what's wrong. And the biggest stumbling block to change--incumbency. Solution might be, in part, term limits. I know that means losing the likes of Russ Feingold, but it also means that Kentucky could get out from under the grip of McConnel and Bunning on the Senate side and Rogers and Chandler on the House side. - post by tellio
    • In weeks past, some Republican leaders had urged Mr. Coleman to press on to the federal courts if need be, but those calls faded Tuesday.
      • The lesson here for Democrats? Never give up. Put your money where your mouth is. Fight for your people and keep fighting. - post by tellio
    • “The Supreme Court of Minnesota has spoken, and I respect its decision and will abide by the result. It’s time for Minnesota to come together under the leaders it has chosen and move forward. I join all Minnesotans in congratulating our newest United States senator — Al Franken.”
      • A mouthful of bitter for Coleman, one of those Senators whose whining over the last year has reeked of self-indulgence and entitlement. The voters spoke eight months ago so why does the NYT allow this guy a pass. - post by tellio
    • “When you win an election this close, you know that not one bit of effort went to waste,” said Mr. Franken
      • Spoken like someone who is already running again. I wonder if his truncated term will give voters the feeling that he needs a full term when he comes up for re-election. This recount destroys any chance that Coleman could challenge again. Republicans aren't very good at the unintended consequences game. - post by tellio
    • With 60 votes (including those of two independents) now most likely aligned with the Democrats, the party could avoid filibusters.
      • Assumes party discipline and a willingness on Obama's part to call Dems out if needed and punish if called to do so. He hasn't shown much stomach for this yet. - post by tellio
    • Mr. Coleman, who some in Minnesota were already speculating might run for governor in 2010
      • I cannot hope that he would make it past the primary. - post by tellio
    • After so much turmoil, the phone call was warm and gracious, Mr. Franken said, adding later that he had recalled thinking in the midst of it: “This is nice. This is a nice way to end it.”
      • And there it is- that damned club. We are damned if we cannot get this notion out of Washington. The sick, entitled sense that any guild gets when it invests a new member. Now you are one of us so you have to follow our rules foremost and not the rules of those you are constituted to serve. - post by tellio

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