Saturday, June 27, 2009

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  • Am I innovating? This article will provide a touchstone for personal evaluation.
    • Teaching Moves Beyond the Classroom
      • I have always thought that social software, starting for me with blogs and commenting, was a way to punch holes in the classroom walls so that my students could escape to the real world. The Web is an inherently subversive communication medium. I have never understood why fundamentalist tolerate it at all. It is their downfall because of the assumptions that underly it--diversity, multiplicity, tolerance, and freedom for all among others. These values are woven into my desire to use technological innovations in the classroom.
      • But how much do I really use technology in the classroom to enable differing and perhaps more informal learning that matches "real" learning in the "wild".
      • I used this article to challenge my own work and to set goals for the coming school year.
      • There are four areas to consider in assessing where I stand:  social media, online video and other media outside the classroom, gaming,  cellphone/mobile learning

    • Social Media
      • What social media do I use? Really use. Facebook, but barely. Twitter, professionally but not with students. Diigo, personally and professionally, but only scratched surface with students GoogleDocs, personally and professionally, but only begun in classes. 
    • Online Video Creates a Global Classroom
      • I use online video regularly to make points, to open discussion in class. I have brought in data visualization tools (see NYT) 
    • ###############
    • Even Britain's grandly named Royal Society provides free webcasts of their events and lectures.
      • I need to do more to expand the idea of the classroom? No, I need to expand the idea of what it takes to learn in this newly connect up world. I need to expand your consciousness of what is required to be a learner today. - post by tellio
    • Gaming Gets Serious
      • I am not doing anything here. I don't even own a gaming console or even handhelds like the PSP or Nintendo DL. How can a noob teach this when he is not entirely convinced that we are just recreating classrooms inside of silica. Rigid, rigid silica. Ask students, explore with students, point stuff out to students. In fact before every class I need to have a Webslide of potential cool places to go and learn, but never mention learn because that truly is putting the cart in front of... - post by tellio
    • Mobile Learning Comes Into Its Own
      • I have been waffling about on deciding whether or not to get texting at a monthly rate for my phone. I have to do way more of this. I need a smart phone. I am using the iPod touch as my second computer and am adding apps for it on a regular basis (Educate is the latest one) This is where most of my students live. This is where I need to weigh in much more completely and in a regular committed way. - post by tellio

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