Saturday, June 27, 2009

Education World ® Technology Center: Doug Johnson: Seven Brilliant Things Teachers Do With Technology

A useful list of seven general priniples for every tech using teacher. - post by tellio

  • 1. Empower kids with technology.

  • 2. Creatively find and use resources.

  • 4. Put kids in touch with the world.

    • "Flat Classroom"
      • Love this teacher's work, but the metaphor is devastatingly bad and the writer she has latched onto is a hack at best and an apologist of the privileged at least. Warning to all--beware of the metaphors you embrace--they represent the outer limits of behavior if you own them too much. - post by tellio

  • 5. Accept the role of co-leaner.

  • 6. Use the kids’ own devices to teach them.

    • "Students are increasingly and unstoppably bringing in personal communication devices -- cell phones, cameras, game devices, iPods/mp3 players, netbooks, laptops, and PDAs. Brilliant teachers know how to use cell phones to poll their classes; create podcasts of lectures for later review; use games to teach difficult concepts; and make "Google-jockeys" of student wireless laptop users."
      • Best quote and a roadmap for learning that I need to seriously embrace. - post by tellio

  • 7. Delight in the discovery, the newness, and the fun technology holds.

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