Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clay Shirky on Information Filter Function

Failure of the filter

eg spam
    not abouit increase in volume, but a failure of filter
 All filter solutions are temporary
 You have to assume that spam will never go away therefore a filtering problem
 A general design problem--a social system problem
     Applying to other systems
         former student-FB change--implications/total disaster privacy meltdown.
         managing privacy prefs- an unnatural act
         privacy is a way of managing info flow. 
         slow ripples b4, quakes now
Moving from an evolved system into an engineered system
       Our personal life is no longer personal
      " The inefficiency of information flow is not a bug it is a feature."  
 Filters are both outbound and inbound--now this is a new idea to me 
 A story about the in and out flows of filtered info
     Facebook Chemistry Study Grouip_chris avenir
         school charges him.
         147 charges 1 for setting it up and 146 stkudents
         cheating--publication of individual work in a collaborative environment is cheating
         CA response--what about tutoring
     welcome to community ---conversation join us
     or we do qc on their minds.
     collide very difficult
     FB cause the methods to collide
 If you have to make that choice you will make the wrong choice.  FB is not a mimeo. it is different in kind not degree
 Ryerson says the real groups are just way too big.  FB is free rider tolerant unlike real world.
 Our job is to require stukdents to figure things out.  With the unfilter on--well...
 The new context:  we are to information overload ::  fish are to the sea  It is just what we swim in.
 If you have the same problem for a long time maybe it's not a problem, maybe it's a fact.  Izaak Rabin
 No college of future tomorrow            
 We have had info overload since the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century what has changed now is this:  the old filters are breaking,  designing new filters doesn't just mean updating the old filters.  
     eg digg voting 
     eg tagging
 When you feel overloaded you have to ask now:  what filter just broke,      

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